BG Frigi-Fresh® - PN 708 - MADE IN THE USA

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BG Frigi-Fresh® - PN708 - MADE IN THE USA
BG 708 Frigi-Fresh® is a hospital-grade aerosol disinfectant/deodorant & air refresher. It is recommended for disinfection of non-porous surfaces and has a wide variety of sanitary uses. While, primarily marketed for use in removing foul odors from automobile air conditioning systems caused by molds, mildew and odor producing organisms, it may also be used for effective disinfection against a variety of harmful microbes such as:
• Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
• Staphylocidal pseudomonicidal
• Salmonella enterica
• Pseudonomas aeruginosa
• Trichophyton mentagrophytes
• HIV-Type 1 (AIDS Virus)
It is a US EPA registered (44446-20) and approved Bactericide/Fungicide/Viricide and will deactivate or destroy harmful molds and viruses. It will eliminate on contact pathogens in car, home, hospital and public settings. It contains pleasant deodorizers which keep areas smelling fresh and clean.
Michael D. Belluomo
Technical Product Manager
5.5 oz


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