Daddy Handle Soap Dispensing Handle For the Scrub Daddy Sponge


Color: White


Daddy Handle Soap Dispensing Handle for The Scrub Daddy Sponge Second Generation

The second-generation Daddy Handle is here. With the addition of a scraper and better soap dispensing to make this the best Daddy Handle yet. Why buy a Dish Daddy when you can have the Original Daddy Handle. This handle is sturdy and holds the Scrub Daddy sponge well. It’s the cutest thing to clean with since the sponge.

Great for scrubbing the larger dishes and just about any surface such as bathtubs, shower enclosures etc. Makes cleaning anywhere easier. Get one now for every room in the house.

Everyone who uses Scrub Daddy product needs this! It makes cleaning with a Scrub Daddy easier and more fun. Keep Hands dry with Easy to hold handle. Easy to fill soap dispenser.

Making it EEZ-IER to clean. The Daddy Handle is a Smilyeez Product and is not associated with the Scrub Daddy Company.


  • Build in food scraper.
  • Easy to fill soap dispenser.
  • Makes the Scrub Daddy much easier to use.
  • Keeps your hands dry and soap free.
  • Holds the sponge tightly.


U.S. Patent 964677S


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