20 - QUART SIZE Empty Fillable Caulk Tube - Cartridge - High Quality/Made in USA

SKU: E32-TUBE-20



20 Plastic Caulking Tubes (32oz Quart Size)


Enjoy a bulk pack of 20 sturdy plastic caulking tubes. Great for home DIY projects and repairs where you want to mix your own caulk, create custom colors or use commercial products that don’t come with a dispenser. These are considered disposable.




Material: HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic.


Size: Spout is 4 inches long and can be trimmed as desired; body of tube is 16 inches long.


Pieces: Two pieces each set, tube with spout, and plunger. Tip is not removable


Compatibility: Fits large size caulk gun, also known as quart size caulk gun


Quantity: You receive 20 caulk tubes with 20 plungers.


Usage: These are not FDA approved for food use.


Plunger plug: designed to be used with a quart size caulking tube. Usage instructions:


Control your caulk bead size by cutting the desired length of the plastic tip**. Fill tube with epoxy/material. Put on plunger plug (end cap). Install tube in a caulk gun. (**Some caulking guns come with a tip cutter).

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