BG Brake Fluid Brake Cleaner Kit PN K8830CC


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BG Brake Fluid Brake Cleaner Kit PN K8830CC

BG DOT 4 Brake Fluid provides the ultimate high temperature protection and moisture resistance for all DOT 4 disc and drum brake systems.

Brake systems can produce pressure up to 2000 psi. This pressure, along with extreme heat from the friction of braking, cause brake fluid to break down. This compromised brake fluid will boil at a lower temperature leaving air pockets and condensation in the brake system. Water in the brake system causes a myriad of problems such as brake deposits and varnish buildup.

*BG DOT 4 Brake Fluid:

*Protects the brake system at any temperature

*Fights moisture

*Provides excellent rust protection

Contains exceptional dryness and heavy duty additives, making this product an effective brake system cleaner

Like BG 402, BG 403 Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner is a quick and efficient brake cleaner that dissolves built up residue on brake components, but without chlorinated solvents.

Residue on brake components leadings to obnoxious brake squeal and chatter. Brake systems are sensitive to the buildup of brake fluid, grease, oil, moisture, and other residue that can form on drum and disc assemblies.

Eliminates the need to disassemble the brake system

Effectively cleans and dries spark plugs, magnetos, electrical contacts, and relays

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