BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner PN 103 Thorough Lubrication System Cleansing (Cleaner Only) With a Pocket Screwdriver


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Discover a new standard in engine maintenance with the BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner PN 103. Specially formulated to tackle and dissolve even the most persistent of engine oil deposits and sludge build-up, this product is an essential first step towards revitalizing your vehicle's engine. By cleaning out the crankcase and entire lubrication system thoroughly, it paves the way for the restoration of your engine's performance and efficiency.

Often, engines that have missed regular maintenance checks start to see a decline in performance due to the buildup of carbon deposits and sludge. Our BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner PN 103 confronts these issues head-on, providing a deep cleanse that prepares your engine for continued service. It's an ideal solution for engines that have been neglected and are in dire need of a fresh start.

Integrating this cleaner into your maintenance routine helps combat common issues like poor fuel efficiency and loss of power. The advanced formulation is robust enough to remove the most stubborn deposits while being gentle on the critical parts of your engine. By aiding in the reduction of oil consumption, it also supports the environmental efficiency of your vehicle.

For the best results, follow the BG Dynamic cleaning process with the BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner Rinse Oil, PN PE04, to ensure all cleaner and residue are effectively removed, completing the service (please note, the rinse oil is sold separately). This is more than just a cleaning solution; it's an investment in the health and performance of your engine.

Includes a Smilyeez pocket screwdriver.

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