BG Frigi-Fresh Automotive Air Conditioning Cleaner and Freshener Spray (5.5 oz.) PN 708 - Eliminate Odors - Controls Mold & Mildew - With Pocket Screwdriver


Size: 1 Can


Discover the revolutionary solution to banish unpleasant odors and ensure a fresh, clean atmosphere inside your car with BG Frigi-Fresh. This advanced air conditioning cleaner and freshener is designed to tackle the root cause of musty smells by eliminating mold and mildew from your vehicle's A/C system. With its hospital-grade disinfectant properties, BG Frigi-Fresh not only cleans but offers you and your passengers a safer, more pleasant driving experience. Easy to use and effective, it's the perfect addition to your car care routine.

  • Advanced Odor Elimination Technology: BG Frigi-Fresh targets and neutralizes the source of unpleasant smells in your vehicle's air conditioning system, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent
  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectant: Contains a powerful disinfectant ensuring a hygienic environment within your car's interior.
  • Mold & Mildew Control: Specifically formulated to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in the evaporator and throughout the vehicle’s A/C system, protecting against odor development.
  • Easy Application: Simply spray into the air intake vent with the A/C running to distribute the disinfectant evenly throughout the system.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Not just a quick fix, BG Frigi-Fresh® provides ongoing protection and freshness, enhancing your driving experience by maintaining a cleaner, more inviting car interior. Includes a Smilyeez Pocket Screwdriver.

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