BG K1003 Fuel Injection & Combustion Chamber Cleaner PN 201 & BG Platinum 44K Fuel System Cleaner PN 208


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BG K1003 Fuel Injection & Combustion Chamber Cleaner PN 201 & BG Platinum 44K Fuel System Cleaner PN 208 Kit

BG Fuel Injection & Combustion Chamber Cleaner is an especially effective gasoline direct injection system cleanup product.

High pressure, high heat, gasoline direct injection engines demand spotlessly clean combustion chambers and fuel injectors to function efficiently. Just a small amount of carbon deposit buildup in the fuel injection system can have a substantial effect on drivability. Most fuel injection system cleaners are not designed for rock hard combustion chamber deposits.

BG Fuel Injection & Combustion Chamber Cleaner

*Restores power and efficiency
*Lowers harmful emissions
*Smooths idle
*As part of the BG Fuel System Service, it pre-soaks deposits allowing BG Platinum 44K to provide an even more effective cleanup.

Gasoline quality is inconsistent. And when gas at the pump varies in quality, the result is deposit buildup, inefficient ignition and combustion, and poor power output. To make matters worse, small, high output engines are extremely sensitive to deposits that build up on fuel injectors, intake ports, on intake valves and in combustion chambers. Even small amounts of deposits cause increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, drivability problems, and engine knock.

BG Platinum 44K is 11 ounces of high-quality detergents that you pour right into the gas tank to restore performance and gas mileage. It vanquishes deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and restores flow in fuel injectors. Basically, it cleans the entire fuel system!

BG Platinum 44K

*Restores performance
*Restores fuel efficiency
*Increases power output
*Reduces exhaust emissions

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