BG White Lithium Spray Grease with Screwdriver


Size: 1 CAN


BG White Lithium Grease  11.5 oz. (326 g) PN 480

A special lithium-based lubricant packaged in a convenient aerosol container for easy application on those hard-to-reach problem areas. It is fortified with additives to help protect against rust and oxidation problems. 


BG White Lithium Grease is recommended for hundreds of automotive, agricultural, and home applications. It is an outstanding automotive parts lubricant for door hinges, locks, seat tracks, manual window regulators, and hood and trunk latches. When applied to overhead door rollers, conveyors, and sliding door tracks, it reduces operating effort, helps reduce wear, and protects against the effects of weather. BG White Lithium Grease is an excellent and extremely handy lubricant to protect bushings and bearings on wheel barrows, garden carts, and folding golf carts.


Shake BG White Lithium Grease well before using. Insert the plastic spray extension tube to lubricate difficult-to-reach problem areas. After use, invert the can and spray momentarily to clear the spray nozzle and extension tube of product. 

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