Empty Fillable Plastic Caulk Tube 300 ml. aka 10 oz 11 oz Standard and Pint Size with Removable Tip (100 Pack)




Empty Fillable Plastic Caulk Tube 300 ml. Also Know as 10 oz. 11 oz. Standard Size and Pint Size Caulk Tube with Removable Tip

These Empty 300 ml or 10 oz Caulk Tubes are made from heavy duty HDPE plastic and measure 1.9 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall. The nozzle is 4" in length and can be trimmed as desired to control the width and speed at which the product is dispensed. These tubes are great for dispensing just about any viscous product. This is a two-piece cartridge with the nozzle being removable. Easily fill and repair cracks or tiles in your space with these empty caulking tubes. They can be used with your standard caulking gun and are made with a durable HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic. Fits standard size caulk gun, also known as 10 oz size caulk gun.

Great for home DIY projects and repairs where you want to mix your own caulk, create custom colors, or use commercial products that don't come with a dispenser. These are considered disposable. Caulk tubes are great for industries that use large amounts of sealant or caulk. Meeting needs mainly in the industrial and chemical sectors; empty caulk tubes are essential for dispensing a variety of adhesives and sealants. Industrial caulk tubes with plungers are also compatible with certain viscous adhesives, greases, and foam insulation fillers.

To use, cut the top of the tube, and install then nozzle. Then turn the tube over and fill with your product. After the tube is full, place the plunger in the bottom, trim the tip, place cartridge in your caulk gun and dispense your product.

Note: cutting the top of the tube and installing the tip before filling helps prevent air pressure from building up when you are filling the tube.

Well Made: Fillable empty caulk tube cartridge with a removable tip. Made from high quality HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic. 300ml or 10 oz. capacity. Measures 8.5" tall, 1.9" wide, and the nozzle is 4" in length, or 21.6cm X 4.8cm and 10.1cm. Great for Professional or DIY: Mix your own caulk, create custom colors, or use to dispense commercial products
Perfect for Repairs: The empty caulk tubes are ideal for repairing and filling cracks, leaks, tile, and grout. Great for injecting epoxy, laying a lengthy bead of epoxy, or making fillets.
Trimmable Tip: The nozzle is 4 inches long and can be trimmed as desired to c
Package includes: sturdy empty caulk tube, removable tip, and plunger.
Caution: No FDA food testing has been performed on this product.

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