FlashForge Finder 3D Printer Repair Parts, 2 Nozzles and 6 Teflon Tubes




2 pcs MK10 M7 Nozzle 0.4 mm and 6pcs PTFE Tube for FlashForge Creator Inventor Dreamer

Item Specifications:

Nozzle Material:Brass
Thread: M7 Screw thread
Size: 13mm x 9mm
Diameter: 0.4mm, suitable for 1.75mm supplies

White PTFE Pipe

Acid-resistant, wear-resistant,Strong and sturdy
PTFE tube: Inner Diameter (ID) 2mm, Outer Diameter (OD) 4mm, Length is 71mm .
Upper Temperature Range 260-280 Degrees Celsius



2x MK10 0.4mm Nozzle
6x 4mm PTFE tube (71mm Length )

* * 0.4mm MK10 extruder nozzle ,Thread: M7 Screw thread,diameter: 0.4mm .is very suitable for 1.75mm filament 3D printer.
* * PTFE tube: Inner Diameter (ID) 2mm, Outer Diameter (OD) 4mm,Length is 71mm .Upper Temperature Range 260-280 Degrees Celsius.
* *Compatible with both FlashForge Creator Pro / Inventor / Dreamer 3d printers .Tubes It is also suitable for other extruders using polytetrafluoroethylene pipes.
* *Usually these parts are used to fix the paper jam inside the nozzle.
* *Package:2x MK10 Nozzle ,2x 4mm PTFE tube (71mm Length )

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