No-Plastic Sponge Refill for OXO Good Grip Dishwand 6 Pack




Introducing the Smilyeez No-Plastic Blue Non-Scratch Sponge Refill for OXO Good Grip Dishwand Refill 10 Pack with Adapter—a game-changer in the world of dishwashing! Our innovative design prioritizes environmental responsibility, ensuring that your everyday kitchen chores are both efficient and mindful of the planet.


Environmentally Responsible Design: Unlike traditional OXO Good Grip Blue Non-Scratch dishwand refills, our Smilyeez No-Plastic refill pack is thoughtfully crafted with the environment in mind. Say farewell to disposable plastic parts and embrace a more sustainable future.

Our variety package sizes: Include high-quality NON-SCRATCH sponge refills, giving you an ample supply to tackle even the most challenging dishwashing tasks. These refills seamlessly integrate with OXO Good Grip Dishwands, making them a perfect fit for your cleaning arsenal.

Reusable Plastic Clip: Each Smilyeez No-Plastic refill is equipped with one reusable plastic clip. This convenient adapter simplifies the process of attaching the refill to your Dishwand, ensuring a secure fit without generating additional waste.

Non-Scratch Cleaning: Our sponges are purpose-built for robust cleaning safe for non-stick surfaces, delicate dishes and countertops making them ideal for powerful cleaning yet gentle enough to use on more delicate surfaces on your cookware and dishes. They also harmonize with other OXO Good Grip pads and scrubber wands for versatile cleaning.

Join the Sustainability Movement: By choosing Smilyeez No-Plastic Blue Non-Scratch Sponge Refills, you are actively participating in efforts to maintain a cleaner planet. Make a small change that has a significant impact by switching to our reusable plastic with sponge refills.

Elevate your dishwashing experience and promote environmental responsibility with Smilyeez No-Plastic Blue Non-Scratch Sponge Refill for OXO Good Grip Dishwand. Be a part of the movement for a cleaner, more sustainable future today!

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