Scotch-Brite Dishwand Brush Refill 4 Pack

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  • Scotch-Brite Dishwand Brush Refill 4 Pack.
  • Fits the Scotch-Brite Dishwand.
  • Handle NOT Included.
  • These are 3M OEM brushes.
  • Scotch Brite replacement brush.

Brush refills for the Dishwand are great for cleaning pots and pans. With the Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Dishwand your pots & pans will sparkle and thanks to the Dishwand your hands will be out of the mess! Fill it up with your favorite dish soap and effortlessly wipe away grease and grime. Thanks to the teardrop shape and scrub brush, you can get into all the corners, nooks and crannies. The scrubbing-head refills are easy to replace.


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