Smilyeez BG Ethanol Fuel System Kit with Drier PN 280 & Defender PN 213 PN K2913 (1 Kit) and Pocket Screwdriver


Size: 1 Kit


Smilyeez BG Ethanol Fuel System Kit with Drier PN 280 & Defender PN 213 PN K2913 (1 Kit) and Smilyeez Pocket Screwdriver
The BG Ethanol Fuel System Maintenance Kit is your comprehensive solution to protect and enhance your vehicle's performance, especially in the face of challenges posed by ethanol-blended fuels. This kit combines the powerful action of BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier PN 280 and BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender PN 213, offering unmatched protection against moisture and ethanol's corrosive effects. This duo works synergistically to absorb moisture, prevent deposit formation, and shield your fuel system and engine components from damage. Safe for use with oxygen sensors and fuel system components, this kit not only preserves your vehicle's integrity but also restores fuel economy and horsepower for a smoother, more efficient drive. Plus, as a bonus, this package comes with a handy Smilyeez pocket screwdriver for your convenience.
  • Ethanol & Moisture Defense: Combines BG Fuel System Drier and Defender for comprehensive protection.
  • Enhanced Performance: Restores fuel economy and horsepower, improving drivability.
  • Moisture Absorption: Prevents corrosion and damage by keeping moisture in suspension.
  • Complete Protection & Performance: Shields against ethanol and moisture, boosts engine efficiency.
  • Bonus Tool: Includes a Smilyeez convenient pocket screwdriver for easy adjustments and fixes.

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